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Green Lake ~ Attendance

Aiona, Leslie

Teacher - Team A (Med Fragile Special Ed)
Tracy Andersen

Andersen, Tracy

Teacher - 4th Grade

Anderson Leaf, Barbara

Instructional Assistant - Extended Resource Program

Arch, Abby

Teacher - Special Education Focus Program
Charles Asper

Asper, Charles

Teacher - Resource Room

Baker, Kira

Teacher - 2nd grade
Rachel Barthel-Kollman

Barthel-Kollman, Rachel

Instructional Assistant - Special Ed Focus Program
Kendall Beede

Beede, Kendall

Teacher- 5th Grade

Personal Message


Bernasconi, Andrea

Teacher Librarian

Greetings current and future GLES Dragons!

I officially joined the GLES staff as a teacher-librarian 2019, but I have been around the school for many years as a GLES parent and as a substitute teacher. Prior to my work at GLES, I was a teacher in Torrance, California and Harlem, New York. I have also taught in Shangahi, China and Tugela Ferry, South Africa. I have a Master's degree in International Education and have taught ELL as part of University of Washington's extension program.

Fun Fact: Most people around GLES call me Ms. Pickle. The name was started by students who really wanted me to finish reading a chapter book to them called Pickle. Prior to being called Ms. Pickle, I answered to Arielle's mom, Aliya's mom, Bodie and Kaila's mom, Andrea and Ms. Bernasconi (and its multitude of mispronunciations). It was complicated and, somehow, Ms. Pickle just works

Buie, Cayley

Instrumental Music Teacher

Carroll, Amy

Admin Secretary

Green Lake elementary is a fabulous place to be.  I love getting to help make the building run more smoothly so staff can get down to the awesome work of helping our students grow and learn.

Cha, Mindy

Instructional Assistant - Extended Resource Program

Chambers, Anne

Special Education Instructional Assistant - Focus Program
Michole Christopher

Christopher, Michole

Instructional Assistant - Team A (Med Frag Special Ed)
Christine Davidson

Davidson, Christine

Instructional Assistant - Special Ed Focus Program
Beverly Denny

Denny, Beverly

Office Assistant, Attendance
Gloria Downie

Downie, Gloria

Bilingual Instructional Assistant

Finney, Dave

Instructional Assistant - Team A (Med Frag Special Ed)

Finney, Jenn

Instructional Assistant 1:1 - Team A (Med Frag Special Ed)