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Green Lake Elementary School

Green Lake Elementary School (GLES) is a special place for our students to learn and grow! We are a small community school where every child is known by our highly skilled teachers and staff. We promote academic achievement, the development of problem-solving skills, and differentiated instruction for students while fostering a sense of responsibility, inclusion and appreciation for oneself and others within our community.

We offer our students a unique, nurturing, inclusive environment within a large school district. Our teachers, instructional assistants, secretaries, therapists, and support staff work together to meet the individual needs of every student. Teamwork and dedication make it possible to deliver a high quality educational program to our exceptional students. We are supported by an active, fabulous parent community which is highly involved and committed to a quality elementary school experience for all of our students!

Our Mission and Vision

Green Lake Elementary School’s Mission is to be a place where all students:

  • strive for academic excellence;
  • acquire a positive learning attitude;
  • celebrate the uniqueness of all individuals;
  • reject violence;
  • develop an appreciation, respect, and understanding of the environment.

Our Vision

Our students’ will acquire the problem solving, critical thinking, and basic skills which will enable them to participate successfully as productive citizens and workers in our diverse society of the 21st century.

We believe in an inclusive model of academic excellence. We believe a balance of a challenging curriculum and attention to the learning styles of each individual facilitates a productive learning environment suited to the needs of all of our students. Green Lake Staff and Administration is always working to strengthen all program offerings for our highly capable students, while preserving its commitment to excellence for all.

Overall Goal

Our goal is to provide a quality educational experience mindful of our students’ social and emotional development.

Contact Us

2400 North 65th St.
Seattle, WA 98103

Main Office: 206-252-5320
Fax: 206-252-5321 

Principal: Amy Klainer

School Admin: Amy Carroll

Additional Resources

Transportation: 206-252-0900