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There are many common challenges that students experience as they make their way through elementary school. The following are some reasons families might contact the counselor:

  • Difficulty making friends
  • Family changes (moving, death, divorce, etc.)
  • Home stress
  • Parenting questions
  • Bullying
  • If you are homeless
  • Crisis
  • Behavior concerns
  • Resources or referrals to community agencies
  • To discuss special needs of your child

What does an elementary school counselor do?

School counselors provide support as they collaborate with students, educators, families, and the community, to maximize every student’s potential. I am committed to promoting a safe, welcoming environment where academics and healthy relationships are nurtured to promote lifelong learning and global citizenship.

Counseling Program Goals

  1. To provide social/emotional support by developing social competencies through one on one counseling, group counseling, conflict mediation and classroom guidance lessons.
  2. To provide academic support by connecting students and families to support and resources and provide goal setting and brainstorming strategies with students as needed.
  3. To build a positive school climate through various methods including weekly assemblies and Dragon Slip Program, Student Jobs (see below for more detail).  I will also visit your child’s classroom with bullying prevention lessons from Committee for Children and work with primary grade students on problem solving skills using Kelso’s Choice.  Lastly, Green Lake staff are also in their second year of implementing RULER to build social emotional literacy in our community.

Weekly Assemblies

Our weekly assemblies are held on Friday mornings. A classroom usually “opens” the assembly with a short greeting, cheer or even song. We also might have staff or student announcements and/or a skit demonstrating our character trait in action. A staff person will also read off the 10 dragon slips earned by students that week. As we recognize the positive choices these students are making, they are invited to the stage to pick out a small prize. Though we cannot read every dragon slip (as much as we would like to!), every dragon slip counts! Every time Green Lake students earn 500 slips, our school celebrates with either a fun activity, spirit day, or even staff dance on stage!

Student Jobs

Students in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade are able to apply for an school job. This may be picking up the compost from classrooms, making ice packs, helping in preschool and more. Jobs are posted in Fall, Winter or Spring. These student jobs help students contribute to their school in a meaningful way and builds leadership and sense of community.

Emergency Contacts

If you are in need of help and it is after school hours, please use the following resources:

  • Crisis Line: 206-461-3222
  • Child Protective/Family Reconciliation Services:
    • Day: 1-800-609-8764
    • Night: 1-800-562-5624
  • Other Types of Assistance Such as Food, Shelter, Clothing, and Healthcare: Dial: 211