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Student Activities at Green Lake Elementary

Multi-Arts Programs

Green Lake’s PTA proudly supports vocal music, instrumental music (4th and 5th) and  an art education program for all students during school hours. After school PTA sponsored programs include, instrumental music for grades 4 and 5, an after-school arts class, the Green Lake Drama Dragons (open to all grades), and a variety of arts-enriched assemblies throughout the school year. Please see our PTA website for more information about after school PTA sponsored programs.

Physical Education and Swimming

All students at Green Lake Elementary receive physical education.  We have a great gym with a climbing wall that our PTA provided in the gym.  Mr. Johnson is our teacher for all the physical education units K-5.  We also provide swimming through the physical education program off campus at Evans Pool. 

This program is PTA sponsored and is part of the pools in schools program.  Our PTA provides the lifeguards and pays for their training and some instruction.  Green Lake staff provide the instruction as well.  This year, first and second grade students will be swimming and it will not start until January. 

Instrumental Music

Green Lake has always supported instrumental music for 4th and 5th graders. Our kids have access to some of the best high school music programs in the nation, at Roosevelt and Garfield High Schools, and we are able to get them started on the right foot!

Vocal Music

Our PTA and staff work closely to see that each child and their class receive vocal music instruction (during school hours, funded by the PTA) from Ms. Auna Stewart.

Ms. Stewart provides instruction to our kids in a variety of musical styles, vocal techniques and musical concepts, thereby broadening the kids’ musical experience. Her instruction over the course of the school year culminates in a concert in the spring featuring every class and child.

Visual Art Education

Students at Green Lake will leave here with a fantastic art education.  Students K-5 will learn Common Skills from the 21st century grant.  Fifth graders produce a portfolio of their different artistic skills they have learned throughout their time at Green Lake. 

Our instructor is Timothy Salcedo.  Mr. Salcedo previously was one of Green Lake’s veteran multi-age teachers in our MAGIC program, and was able to take his dream job teaching art upon the retirement of our previous art teacher.  Our school is full of wonderful pieces produced by the students.