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Lori Forrest

Forrest, Lori

Teacher - 1st Grade


Reading Enthusiast and Arts Fan

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Go outside and get some Vitamin D!

Garretson, Craig

Instructional Assistant - Team A (Med Frag Special Ed)

Gebrehiwot, Tmnit

Bilingual Instructional Assistant

Gogolowicz, Jessica

Teacher - 1st Grade
Juli Griffith

Griffith, Juli

Teacher - Team A (Med Fragile Special Ed)
Amanda Guyler

Guyler, Amanda

Teacher - Multilingual Program
Laura Hammer

Hammer, Laura

Teacher - Med Frag Preschool

“Students learn, and use their learning, differently. Being different is both a fact and a goal for most of us.” -Ferguson, D.L.

I am one member of a fabulous Developmental Preschool Team. I received my BA in Fine Arts from Montana State University with emphasis in painting and a minor in art history. After spending several years in the backcountry supporting students in an alternative setting I returned to get my Masters in Art and Special Education from the University of Montana. I am passionate about my work. I feel our family and teacher partnership is crucial for our students’ success. Together we will create a positive learning experience. When not in the classroom, I enjoy being “mom.”

Green Lake Developmental Preschool

Welcome to Green Lake Elementary Developmental Preschool program. We serve children ages 3-5 that face multiple challenges. Our preschool program is designed to offer a continuum of services to meet individual developmental needs. Onsite services include communication, fine and gross motor development, vision, adaptive/life skills, social skills, and/or cognitive development.

Preschool consists of afternoon sessions running Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 11:30-2:25. Parents may drop-off and pick-up their children or make arrangements with the teacher to receive district transportation services. Buses are equipped with wheelchair tie downs, lifts, or three point harnesses system for toddlers under 35 pounds.

Our two ½ hours together are packed! During the week we are joined by our PT/OT, speech and vision therapist, as well as augmentative communication consultants. Our daily routine is tailored to meet individual needs and includes opening morning circle, individual work time, and a half-hour snack during which we address oral motor skills. The afternoon ends with closing circle. Included in our basic daily routine throughout the week is art, music, cooking, time to play, and gross motor.

Like our students, our classroom is unique. Our program is designed for emerging learners who may be non-verbal and non-ambulatory. Sensory integration opportunities are embedded into our daily curriculum. Emphasis is placed on activities that involve touching, seeing, hearing, smelling, and tasting insuring active participation. Jana, Becca, and I are dedicated to continuing professional development. Our team seeks out educational opportunities that pertain to our students. We are fortunate to have the ability to collaborate with Team A teachers in our building and tap into specialist throughout our district and King County. Green Lake Elementary has a full-time nurse.

Kari Hansen

Hansen, KC

Teacher - Reading Specialist
Shirley Hanson

Hanson, Shirley

Crossing Guard

Hoyrup, Miller

Instructional Assistant - Special Education Focus Program

Johnson, Samantha

Teacher (long-term sub) - Focus Program
Vondell Johnson

Johnson, Vondell

Teacher - PE
Amy Klainer

Klainer, Amy

Joseph Kunkel

Kunkel, Joseph

Teacher - Music


A music enthusiast, I have been teaching the intermediate grades at GLES since 2001.

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Green Lake Elementary is the best!

Lara Kutz

Kutz, Lara

Office Assistant
John Leahy

Leahy, John

Teacher - 5th Grade

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Melissa Levin

Levin, Melissa

Instructional Assistant - PCIS Preschool


Freelance Photographer and Graphic Designer. I am also a Jewelry designer. You can order my jewelry, cards, wrapping paper, and clothing by check out my web page.

Sports Photography Blog -

Design Blog -

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Please Be Nice And Say Kind Words
For Being Kind Is Always Heard.

Manwiller-Thompson, Becca

Instructional Assistant - Med Frag Preschool
Lisa Merlin

Merlin, Lisa

Teacher - 2nd Grade


I have been teaching 1st and 2nd grade full time at Green Lake since 2012 and have loved every minute!

i love teaching kids all about the different cultures and countries around the world and also focusing on being good people.

Always remember to...Make someone smile!

Milewski, Lily

School Nurse