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    Green Lake is a hidden gem in the Seattle School District.  It is one of the very first schools in the district and we are proud of our historical background. 

    Our building is unique as we are an open concept school.  We have two classrooms with doors and the rest of the classrooms are in pods.  Each teacher and/or pod has defined their space in very creative ways.  The beauty of open concept is the natural collaboration among staff and students that it offers. 

    Green Lake has also been one of the three Seattle Schools that offers students who are medically fragile a wonderful site to be at and be part of the educational community.  Our program is for students K-5 and they provide ample opportunities for our students in general education to gain great skills working with students who have severe physical and cognitive challenges.  Team A is a big part of our success at Green Lake.

    MAGIC (Multi-Age Grade Instruction Classrooms)

    Multiage classrooms are based upon a philosophical commitment to the holistic development of each individual student. Multiage philosophy tries to change the paradigm of teaching to the average student by purposely grouping different ages together. There is a conscious decision to remove grade level designations both for the lower and upper ability students. Teachers and students stay together two or more years. The philosophy of multiage groupings supports the fostering of closer teacher – student bonds. 

    Green Lake staff felt compelled to move to the multi-age model seven years ago after an experiment with a literacy unit. Multi-age settings provides the support for all types and levels of learners in a collaborative setting.  It was also a solution to the never- ending splits that happen every year due to enrollment issues and less teaching staff.  We offer the differentiated learning for students with Individual Educational Plans as well as those that qualify for ALO, Spectrum and APP.  Staff collaborate on a daily basis to plan and implement instructional units in reading, writing, math and the social sciences. 

    Students will start out in Kindergarten in a straight grade, and then we build on the program with all first and second grades combined as a multi-age.  For the first time this year, we are separating the third grades out as a single grade.  Again, the reason is two-fold.  Our enrollment overall has increased by 100 in two years. Third grade has a big balloon making it difficult to run blocks in our intermediate team.   We also evaluated the program and decided that third graders need a transition from primary to intermediate rigor. Lastly, we have fourth and fifth graders all in multi-age classrooms. It is a solid progression and prepares students for the next step of middle school.