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    Student Classroom Placement 2020-2021
    Posted on 05/22/2020
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    Green Lake Elementary Classroom Placement 2020-2021

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    In a typical school year, this is the time we start to work on student placement for the following school year. While we are still unsure what school in the fall will look like, we are beginning the process now, knowing that we might be called on to make changes over the summer.

    During early June, teachers from each grade level will meet to form tentative class groupings. As they form the groups, teachers are asked to take numerous factors into consideration including academic performance/needs, social mix/compatibility, behavior patterns, learning styles and input from parents and teachers.

    We are seeking your input about your child’s needs in order to consider that with the information we have about your child. (Please see page 2 of the Classroom Placement form)

    Please keep the following in mind:

    • Student behaviors and needs at school are often different from those demonstrated at home.
    • As public educators, we are responsible for ensuring that each child, regardless of race, gender, academic talent, specific needs, background, economic status, parent support, or behavioral pattern, has an equal educational opportunity. We form our classes based on balanced groups, not by particular teacher.
    • As we consider our groupings, it is likely that we will need to form one or more combination classes. A combination class is simply that: A combination of two grades. We do not assign students to combination classes in order to provide “challenge” for high-performing younger students, nor to provide remediation for low-performing older students. Instead, we work to find a balance for both grades, so that each grade in the class has a quality experience at their own grade level.
    • Elementary school is a six-year experience during which students learn a great many skills that we do not teach from textbooks. A critical life-skill for children is to learn that the diversity of people they will meet is an enriching and exciting part of life. They also learn that they are capable of coping with a variety of situations.

    We always think carefully about the variables relating to your child as we form groups. While we do not entertain requests for specific teachers, we do evaluate specific educational and behavioral concerns parents have regarding their child’s needs.

    If you have unique information to share about your child beyond what we already know, please return this form to the office by June 5, 2020**. We will use your input, along with the opinion and experience of our staff, to determine the placement of children for next year.

    **Return completed form by email or U.S. mail