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    Welcome to the Green Lake Elementary School Library!

    Students at Green Lake visit the library at least once a week. Our time together includes a read-aloud, library skill, or research lesson; followed by time for check-out. It is a fast paced half hour!

    Answers to a few FAQ's:

    Kindergarteners will check out one book at a time, which will stay at school. First graders can check out two (books go home with students starting in first grade), second graders can check out three, and so on. Fifth graders can check out SIX books!

    Books are returned on the student's library day each week. If a third grader does not return one of their four books, they can only check out three new books - that keeps the total checked out books to the maximum of four.

    If a fourth grader, for example, only wants one book for the week, that is fine. The classroom teacher, librarian, and volunteers work with students to get the best book(s) for their reading level.

    Interested in volunteering? Please see the 'Announcements' section below. Thank you!

    Our Work in the 2015-16 School Year

    In addition to library skills (understanding the Dewey Decimal system, caring for borrowed items, using the online catalog) and research skills (using online encyclopedias, choosing the best websites, citing resources), students will be listening to and talking about excellent books.

    We are participating in three student choice contests:
    All students will be reading the Washington Children's Choice Picture Books as interactive read-alouds with the librarian

    All students will be able to read the Towner Award Nominees in their classrooms. Our box of science picture books will be touring the school - a way to get these books into more hands, connect with science units happening outside of the library, and give teachers access to more resources.

    Intermediate students will be strongly encouraged to read the Sasquatch Award Nominees.

    Voting happens in the Spring!

    And much more!


    The Green Lake Elementary Library needs your help!
    If you are looking for a year-round project, the book rooms are theplace for you. The book rooms hold books that are sorted by readinglevel and non-fiction subject so that teachers can have quick and easyaccess to materials for reading groups and other classroomwork. We need a volunteer to keep the two book rooms organized(including leveling books, weeding and procuring as needed, returningbooks back to the shelves) and moving the primary book collection out ofthe staff lounge and into the new home down the hall.

    If you are a bit of a perfectionist and would be happy workingindependently and 'behind the scenes', processing books is the place foryou. New books need protective covers and stamps, old books needrepairs, and the really old books need to move on. Thereis always processing work to do, and you will receive training, so youcan then come into the library to volunteer any time (at least 1-2hours/week would be great).

    If you are just looking to help out, but don't want to commit to toomuch, shelving books is for you. This is the most important volunteerjob in the library. There is never a shortage of work: returning booksto the shelves, straightening books on shelves,checking for proper shelf order, and keeping the library looking great.

    Interested? Or have something else in mind that you would like to do forthe library? Contact Kate Eads, Librarian: